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We worked with Bluemotif Architecture and the resort management of  L’Auberge Del Mar to rebrand an existing restaurant in the hotel. The chef planned to combine the cuisines of Italy and California when planning the menu. In the process of exploring the Italian American influence in California and the blending of the two cultures we coined the phrase “Calitalian”.

Connecting Italy and California with their shared history and cuisine we took inspiration from the fisherman on the ocean, the farmers in the fields, the wood-fired ovens they used to cook, and the community they created.

While this project was put on hold during the design phase of the project, we share this as an example of our process.

Fruit or Color?

Olive & Orange equally represents the fruits of Italy & California and their use in the restaurant’s Calitalian cuisine. The reference each makes to their specific colors helps to create a memorable brand for the new restaurant.


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