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Environmental Design

We worked with Bluemotif Architecture on this Little Italy restaurant and participated in a creative charrette for the project. The restaurant is called Kettner Exchange and is named after William Kettner, a historic San Diego navy man, politician and philanthropist.

Our contribution was incorporating an inspiring quote from Kettner himself. The quote was carefully divided and spaced out on the stair risers to the second floor. As customers ascend the stairs, the next part of the quote is revealed and is completed when you get to the top. The typography on the risers was cut from black steel and backlit with yellow light.

An old map of San Diego Bay (visible from the restaurant) was altered and proposed as wallpaper for the restroom hallway. This application was later changed and the map was etched into the glass surrounding the bar area.

"Why Not Kettner?"

William “Bill” Kettner was a former US Democratic politician from San Diego, California. He served four terms in Congress from 1913 through 1921.

“Brother Bill”
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