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Market Research + Branding

We worked closely with the four principles of the firm and conducted market research to explore the current branding mindshare and the potential effects of changing the name of the firm.

We prepared a brand audit which provided insights about Delawie’s existing brand structure and gave us the data to effectively revitalize the Delawie brand. The audit findings were used to craft the brand strategy including new messaging, a new tagline and the significant decision to shorten the company’s name.

Graphically we took inspiration from the simple act of taking pencil to paper. A bold logotype was created to anchor the identity, and was combined with a graphic pencil rule and tagline. Given their brand equity, the historical pinwheel mark and the corporate color red were maintained.

The new branding was applied to the company website, corporate stationery, business collateral and signage.

+ Website

Visit the Delawie website that we designed and developed…great people, great projects!

Build It and They Will Come
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