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Branding + Packaging

We worked with Cafe Moto to brand, package and promote their new cold brew coffee called V12 Cold Immersion. Brand inspiration came from stock car simplicity and grease monkey ingenuity. Packaging for the cold brew uses black, BPA-free plastic, automotive-style jugs in 1 and 5 gallon sizes.

The V12 name comes from the 12-hour vertical cold immersion process used to brew the coffee. But it’s not a coincidence that it shares the same smooth displacement of the classic V12 engine in design and style.

V12 is also served on tap at local bars and restaurants. Custom tap handles shaped like old school race shifters were designed and 3D printed.

Thanks to Peter Gotfredson for Cafe Moto photography.

V12 Power

The last car with a V12 engine (made by a U.S. manufacturer) was the 1948 Lincoln Continental. But you can still get some V12, high octane, cold brew at Cafe Moto’s website!

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